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Before Lava Recordz started a christian rapper named Lil will emerged in 2003 of Alexandria, LA . Alexandria is a small town or at least not large enough to share your talents.After the rapper was given the gift of a keyboard and karaoke machine by his mom , he started making up beats and r&b lyrics but after 2001 the rapper started his Karaoke band "Macadoshis" , the rapper later met up with Lil chris and started this back yard karaoke band and the rapper was known as Lil Matt ,but after late 2003 Lil Matt changed to Lil will.He later met up with  Big Aaron , Dragon King , and Big C .In 2004 Macadoshis changed it's name to Lava Recordz.This new record label was and still is one of the best in Alexandria.Lil will later started rapping hip hop instead of r&b but Lil will is not where he wants to be as a rapper but he is working real hard to get there.